Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ushering the Year of the Horse

It's the time of the year again where we celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year, JS had a wonderful time with his cousins as we stayed at their house during the celebration. It is one of the rare times where he gets to spend time with them. What warms my heart is that even though they only get to meet up two to three times a year, they click very well with each other. Perhaps its in their blood. Hmmm...

During the celebration, we also visited my parents and grandmother who live in Malacca. There, we met one of my two aunties and her family. JS also seems to be able to click very well with them although he only meets them once a year. 

Here are some photos of JS and his relatives.

Cousin Allyson reading to JS.
JS simply enjoyed sleeping here. It's an aisle between his cousins' single beds.
JS trying out the fairy's wings. I think it belongs to cousin Rou Rou.
Cousin Anderson showing JS how to play the PSP.
JS resting in Aunty Siok Hian's arms. 

I kind of felt bad that I was not able to do any Chinese New Year related art and craft activity with JS before the celebration so when this hong pao (red packet) collage came to mind, I immediately got JS to work on it. He simply loved it. He actually said that he was building a wall with the red packets!

JS applying glue on a red packet.

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