Thursday, 4 September 2014

And Finally... I Am Going On An Excursion, On My Own!

Finally, JE reached another milestone. She started crawling on August 17. At first, she only moved a very short distance but by day 4, she was crawling all around the house. She was very excited with her new found skill and freedom and has been on an excursion all the time. She even started sleeping lesser (which is bad news, to her still growing body and to Mommy who has lesser alone time to finish up whatever chores needed to be done). 

In the morning, JS would usually take out a drawer of toys for both of them to play with. As the day goes by, toys could be seen all over the floor. It seems to be an interesting setting for JE because she could discover new things as she crawled. 

Hmm... What's this?

Lets see what's that under the table. 

This looks interesting!

Lets get out of here. I want to see the world!

And here we are, at Uncle's house.

What do I do with this?

Next stop. Aunty's house. 

My favourite thing to play with!
I enjoy watching her explore things around her and I hope she would never get tired of discovering new things. 

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