Friday, 22 August 2014

One Minute Craft, Long Hours of Play

Like every other kid who has too much exposure to technology - television programmes, iphone games and YouTube videos, JS is kind of hooked to the Kinder Surprise YouTube videos lately and would easily get distracted during our sessions because his mind is almost occupied only with the videos. 

I have to find ways to let him do other activities that he might enjoy for quiet sometime before he comes back to me, asking permission to watch the videos again. 

This one minute craft (well, it took us a little more than that because he was having his snack while doing it) with lollipop sticks, labeling stickers and felt stickers could lead to long hours of pretend play for him. 

We made four characters - Daddy, Mommy, JS and baby sister JE. JS referred to them as pirates, perhaps because Daddy's hat looked like the pirates' hats from one of his storybooks. And yes, pirates is one of his favourite pretend play besides other super heros like Spiderman and Superman. He also loves Star Wars and Transformers. 

Here's how we made the "pirates".

We used labeling stickers for hats/funny shaped hair, 

drew eyes, nose and mouth,

cut felt stickers for clothes, put them on and...


JS spent the next few days having pretend play with them. 

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