Saturday, 17 May 2014

Salt Colouring

The first time JS used a weighing scale was about a year ago when I thought him how to make pancakes. At that time, I simply let him "play" with the tool without knowing it's main purpose which is to help us measure the correct amount of flour we needed to make the pancake. 

Two months back, I introduced to him the skill of measuring with a ruler (when we made a plate of spaghetti) and this time round, I thought he would be able to pick up the skill of measuring with a weighing scale. Since we were making coloured salt, I thought I would introduce this skill to him by getting him to measure the amount of salt to be dyed. 

JS wanted to use 4 colours so I told him to prepare 4 bags of salt, each of them weighing 100 grams. 

Next, he had to use a dropper to put some water into 4 of the holes on the palette where he would mix with the paints he has chosen earlier. 

Then he used the dropper to add the paint mixture into a bag of salt, 

fasten it with an airtight bag clip 

and mix the contents evenly. 

After his nap, we made an artwork with the coloured salt. 

I gave him a piece of A4 paper (I chose green because it seems to be the contrast of the colours he used for the salt) and a roll of double-sided tape to work with the salt. 

Pouring the excess salt back into the bag was also a new skill he picked up from the activity. 

So, this is what he did. 

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