Sunday, 23 February 2014

Icy Fun!

Ice painting is another fun and interesting project that a child can do on his own from scratch. It is extremely appealing to JS as he loves ice very much. There was a time when he would open the freezer to get himself some ice cubes to play with when I was busy in the kitchen. 

He has seen me filling in the ice cube trays with water to make ice, but I doubt he really knew how ice was formed. Even after the project, I was not sure whether he really learnt the ice making process but who cares, as along as he had some fun. He would figure it out one day. 

So, this was what we did. 

On Day 1, we only managed to make the ice as we started the project quiet late in the afternoon. 

JS mixing food colouring with water.

JS pouring the mixture into blocks of different shapes.

On Day 2, when I took the tray of ice out of the freezer.......

Hey! Look at JS' reaction when he saw the ice.
Obviously, I had to help him with this. You need to do it very quickly. Like in a few seconds.
He did this on his own. Not bad, huh!

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