Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lets Go Shopping!

I am sure most of us played shopping during our childhood days. I remember playing with my sister and we used to set up book stores or stationery stores whenever our mother was ironing. We had lots of fun. JS also loves to shop and he has learnt the entire process from selecting items to paying at the counter since he was about two years old. We would do our marketing at one of the popular department stores here and he enjoyed pushing the basket-trolley for me. 

We used to play shopping minus the paying part and he enjoyed it very much until the time when I made him pay for the items. That was about a year ago. I told him that each item costs one lego brick and he would have to count how much he needed to pay. After that, he did not like playing shopping again. We stopped playing it until recently when he showed some improvements in counting and addition. 

This time, he enjoyed the entire process and wanted to play all day. 

To make it more interesting, we put price tags on all the goods in the store. We priced the items at either one or two bucks. 

After putting up all the price tags, JS was all ready to do his shopping. He put all his "money" (we used some plastic rings) in his favourite Ben10 bag and went to get his "trolley" (which was our laundry basket) and rushed straight to the food department. 

JS doing his second round of shopping.

Oh my! It's heavy!
JS paying at the counter. 

JS counting the total amount that he needs to pay. 


Bee Kim said...

Oh, I love shopping. Can I tag along?

Gadys Tay said...

You are more than welcomed!