Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Recycling Old Learning Materials

Hi. It has been a long time since I updated this blog. I have been busy with JS and JE. All I could say is, we needed time for transitions and Mummy has been so busy that she could hardly find time to do a proper post. JS entering Primary One, JE attending Kindergarten on her own (without JS) and Mummy feeling lost for being without both kids in the mornings. Thank God both kids managed to adapt to this new chapter in no time. JS started learning mainly in Mandarin, a language which is quiet foreign to him although it is his mother tongue. JE attended school happily despite not having her brother with her. She was jolly in the mornings and very exhausted when I pick her up but still, that could not stop her from telling me what she did in school.

Lots of activities are still going on at home.. Mummy has been busy with new learning materials. JE needed extra help with alphabet and number recognition so we are working on the alphabet charts (exactly the same one I used for JS four years ago) and I was so glad that she loves working on her charts. JS is adopting to a new learning system. Learning three languages (Mandarin, English and Malay), Maths, Science and Moral Education. Of course, as predicted Art and Craft and Physical Education are his favourite sessions in school.

Thank God we had a "break" last week. It was school holidays and I decided that our usually schedule was not important during holidays. We want to sleep in a bit more (but the kids won't cooperate! They still wake up early.... *sigh*), laze around a bit, watch a movie, eat more junk food, play with friends, sleep late, etc.

So on the first day of JS' school holiday, we went to a book fair and bought some sticker books. My kids love them. He got himself two sticker books, about outer space and soldiers respectively. We got two Hello Kitty sticker books for JE as she is crazily in love with Hello  Kitty and the colour pink.

While reading his new books, I told JS to choose a theme to work on this school holidays. He could choose any and he decided on outer space. Immediately, he remembered the planets we made three years ago.

We also used the leftover foam stickers from his outer space art and craft he did four years ago to draw an astronaut.
Then we made a new rocket and JS built the inside of a small spaceship with his Lego bricks. 

Finally the kids put stars on a black backdrop and set everything on top of the table in their bedroom.

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