Sunday, 2 April 2017

Number Recognition Activity For Preschoolers

My elder child, JS, loves to play handphone games, watching YouTube and DVDs. Since he was two, he was exposed to various electronic games and videos where he learnt his alphabets and numbers. When I started teaching him the old school way, he already could recognise all his alphabets, both capital and small letters and numbers one to ten. 

JE, on the other hand, does not have much interest in electronic games and videos. Thus, she was not really exposed to electronic games or videos like her brother. She could sing the Alphabet Song and recite numbers one to ten but she could barely recognise them. 

I decided to do what I did with JS. I started her with the alphabet charts. I don't have enough photos to do a post here yet so here is the link to an older post on the alphabet charts I did with JS.
JE loved it so much that we did it almost everyday. Sometimes, two alphabets in a day. 

Next, the numbers. I gave JE a different set of activity instead of the one I did with JS. This is because she actually knew how to count already but she still could not recognise the numbers. 

For her, the activity begins with counting the number of circles on her worksheet. In this case, five.  Then she would have to guess or choose the correct number from two numbers given. In this case, 5 and 6. 

Next, she learns to read the word "five" and “五” (which is five in Mandarin). 

Then she would have to paste them on the worksheet. 

Lastly, she would choose the correct number from the sticker sheet to stick in the box below. 
For this, she would always do two numbers in one session because I want her to learn to recognise and differentiate two different numbers at a time. And by looking for the correct number, which is a repetitive work, she would remember the number better. 

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