Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Another Way To Encourage Reading In Little Ones

In the recent months, I was trying to help my primary school going son to develop his creativity and imagination (art or drawing). At the same time, I also wanted to help him to improve his English language so I came up with this simple activity for him. 
The activity was to make a story book, based on a short story from one of the storybooks in our library. 
Another underlying reason for this project was to encourage him to read more often because reading from a "self made book" was more fun and he get to "show off" the end product to his sister and read to her (more often, I hope). 

On top of all that, I also get to evaluate his understanding via the pictures that he drew. 

So, the story that I chose for him was "A Very Rainy Day". 

I copied the story for him, dividing it into four sections and he had to draw pictures according to the storyline. 

In another effort to encourage or nurture creativity in him, I also gave him a drawing challenge every week where he had to draw three different pictures based on the same theme. For example, school. He could draw the buildings, students at the canteen, in the classroom, etc...  

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