Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Regrowing Leek

I am a foodie. I can eat all day. But due to body image's sake, I have to discipline and control my food intake. 

So, I guess everyone who loves to eat might also want to have an edible garden of their own. Am I right? 
For years, I have imagined having a spice and herbs garden, and rows of vegetable patches so, about a year ago, I started my little project. 
On one hand, it was to make my dream come true and on the other, it was like a mini farming project I have with my kids. It is a joy to watch the food grow from seeds or even food scrapes. 

I have read about the regrowing plants in water and decided to give it a try. Leek is often used as in ingredient in my soups so I gave it a try. 
From water, I transferred it to soil in a pot. After two months, I managed to regrow it to 30cm long. 

The pictures below shows the growth of the leek from "in water" to "in soil". 

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