Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Mongo Seed Experiment

I love to see the excitement on my son's face when he achieves something new. It is not only an encouragement for me to continue to teach him new things but it is an unexplainable happiness that I have when he gets to learn something new. 

Mongo Seed Experiment
Day 1
My hubby loves gardening and JS loves to be around to help out (or just to play in the garden). I thought that it would be an exciting experience for JS to see a plant grow from seed but a child's patience may not lasts long and planting a flower seed would not be a good idea. As I ponder upon this, I recalled the mongo seeds experiment we did during school days and thought: "this would be it!". 

So I gave my son a few containers, some mongo seeds, a few pieces of facial cotton, a bowl of water and a syringe. (I was too excite about the idea that I forgot to soak the seeds for sometime before hand) We lined the containers with the facial cotton and arranged the seeds in them. Then I told JS to water the seeds using the syringe (to prevent him from pouring too much water into the container). We then put the containers by one of the windows at the car porch and I told him to observe the changes the following day. 

The next morning, after breakfast, we went to check out the seeds. There wasn't much excitement on JS' face as I showed him the roots that were growing from two of the seeds. However, the fun started the following day when JS went to check up the seeds on his own, without being told. I assumed that he was expecting to see something different from the day before. 

JS with the mongo seed plants at different stages of germination.
He put his head out of the window and after checking them out, he came running to me and said with a wide smile on his face, "Mommy, come! Come and see my mongo seeds!" Upon hearing that, I knew that the other parts of the seeds must have grown. This time, a tiny stem with a small leaf was already growing on that two seeds. 

Day after day, JS would not  fail to check out the mongo plants as they grew taller and the leafs, bigger. 

Now, we have planted some shallots in a pot and he loves to see the leaves grow. 

I hope that this would encourage him to grow some flowers in our garden. They may not grow as fast as the mongo seeds or the shallots, but I hope that he will have the patiences to wait. 

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