Monday, 2 December 2013

He Loves Colours!

My son only started to love doing art and craft after watching Mister Maker two months ago. It's an art and craft show for pre-schoolers and it teaches in a fun way. He would request me to help him do one of the art and craft items being thought in the show of the day. I usually hope that he would choose the one from "Minute Make" because that will be extremely easy to make. As the name implies, it can be done within a minute!

Upon seeing his enthusiasm in art, I bought him a set of poster colours, paint brushes, palette and art blocks for him to start exploring art in a way that entices him. Before this, we only had colouring books and simple cut and paste art and craft sessions that he finds quiet boring. 

As a 3-year-old, he may not be good at using a paint brush to paint a particular object (such as an apple, a tree or a flower) yet so I started him off with something he could do on his own or with minimal help.  

Here are some of the art activities we did during the past month. 

Symmetrical Art
Vegetable Stamping
Vegetables used: Okra, long beans and onion
* Idea from Sheela of

Hand Printing
Straw Blowing
*Idea from Mister Maker

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