Thursday, 7 June 2018

Mini Potted Edible Plant Project

Since both my children are already attending school, I have a little more time in the mornings to take up a new hobby.  

I have always dreamed of having an edible garden of my own and have started a mini potted edible plant project last August (2017). 

Here are some "successful" and "somewhat successful" examples. 

First, its the Thai basil. I love basil and have tried planting sweet basil too, but have failed (twice). 

I put some cuttings in water and waited for the roots to grow. About two weeks after the roots started to grow, I transferred them into a pot with soil. 

A few days after the roots started to grow, I transferred the Thai Basil cuttings into soil. 

I desperately wanted to see the flowers on my Thai Basil plant so I had to sacrifice it. If I were to keep the plant, I should  cut off the flowers.

The plant thrived, to my delight, because I have not been successful in planting anything, even my spring onion was not really successful. (Later, I found out that spring onion would grow better in yellow soil.)

The second success was with mung beans. It was very satisfying watching them grow at a rapid speed and bore fruits in less than two months. 

This is how fast mung beans could sprout in soil. In just a day!

When the pods turns black and crips, it is time to harvest them!

My first harvest of mung beans. 

The next plants which bore fruit was the tomatoes. However, it was not very successful and we only harvested a tomato. The plant was attacked by disease and the leaves turned yellow. 

So, this the our one and only tomato.

My most recent harvest was the bettong ginger. It was a very successful one, despite me harvesting them at 9 months old. I just couldn't wait! I couldn't even wait of it to flower. However, I was really proud of it that I gave some away to a few friends. I don't need to consume all of them but I will replant them and yes, let them keep on multiply!

My bentong ginger plant at 9 months old.

Extremely proud of my bettong ginger! 

If you love to eat, you should try to grow some food too! The satisfaction of eating your own home grown food is beyond words. 

Happy farming!

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