Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wheel of Numbers

While thinking of a new activity for JS to practice his counting skills, I came up with this idea that combines art and craft with counting. We may also be able to use it for some kind of games in the future. 

We found a box that is large enough to be cut out and used as the cardboard base of our wheel. As it was an impromptu idea, and I found it hard to divide the circle into 10 equal parts, I made it into 12 instead. 

Then I cut out a stencil for JS to trace 12 triangles for each part of the circle. He found it quite tricky at first but as he reached the fifth triangle, he was so much better at tracing.

However, he really struggled with the cutting and only managed to cut out one triangle. I had to do the rest. 

Fortunately, he had more patience with pasting and managed to do quiet a good job. 

And finally, he had to stick numbers 1 to 12 on each triangle accordingly and paste on the pictures with the correct number of objects in their respective triangle. 

Since he was also into forming words, I prepared sticker labels with alphabets that formed the words "WHEEL OF NUMBERS" for him to stick at the top of the chart. 

For this, I would give him a piece of paper with the words"WHEEL OF NUMBERS" written on it for  reference. Then I would give him the sticker labels with the alphabets that I have written in random order. He would have to stick he alphabets accordingly to form the words at the top of the chart. 

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