Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bottle Caps For Play

Despite the fact that JE still could not sit or crawl, I just could not resist the urge to start sensory bottles with her. She is eight months now I am sure she will find them interesting. 

This is her first encounter with a sensory bottle. Since babies are usually attracted to sounds, I made one which produces loud sounds. It is a bottle caps sensory bottle. At least I get to make good use of the bottle caps which I have been collecting for sometime. If you read my previous post on bottle caps stamp ( you'll know that I was cracking my brain to use them for JS' activities. Well, both of them enjoyed their first sensory bottle. And yes, it is also JS' first sensory bottle. I don't know why but it never occur to me that I should make one for him. Anyway, he will have lots of sensory bottles to play with too in the future thanks to his sister!

Here are some pictures of JE enjoying her first sensory bottle.

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