Friday, 9 May 2014

When Can I Play With The Toys?

Last weekend, JS' friend, AL came over for a play date. We decided to make frozen toys for both of them to play. 

Two days before the date, we got some containers and filled them with toys by categories - vehicles, balls, food, utensils, shapes, legos and one with a dinosaur. 

Then JS filled the containers with water. As most of the toys would float, we only filled them half way full. Next, we put them in the freezer and waited until the following day. 

JS pouring water into the containers.

JS was excited to see that the water had frozen and the toys were halfway stuck in the ice. Again, he filled the containers with water, this time, to the brim. 

Two days later when AL arrived, he excitedly pulled her to the freezer to show her the ice blocks. As it was AL's first encounter with such blocks, she did not know what to do with them. Two ice blocks came off easily but the rest were stuck tightly in the containers. 

Both children finding ways to get the ice blocks out of the containers.

"Hmmm.... should we try to melt the ice with some water?" I asked AL and she went off to fetch some water instantly. 

The children pouring water onto an ice block. 
Eventually, they managed to get the ice blocks out.

"The ice blocks are coming out!"

We tried to pulled toys from the 'utensil block' first because AL wanted to play with the fork but she ended up playing with the bowl. She really enjoyed herself scooping water into the bowl with the spoon she used to break the ice. 

"Can we hit the ice blocks with a spoon to break them? "I want to play with the toys now!" 

AL indulging herself in scooping water into a small bowl while JS tries to pull more toys out. 

If you have more time to spend, you can make larger ice blocks with bigger toys in them. Otherwise, you can also use small containers and put only one small toy in each container so the ice melts faster and the children get to play with them sooner. It's also a great way for them to cultivate their patience!

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