Monday, 5 May 2014

Stamp Away!

I have been collecting bottle caps for sometime but so far we only used it once -  the moon for our Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars song sheet . I was cracking my brain for something simple yet fun to do with them when I remembered a post by a popular art and craft blog about using bottle caps as stamps. It was really easy and JS enjoyed the entire session. 

Stamping was one of JS' first art activities. It was about 6 months ago when he did his first vegetable stamping. We used three types of vegetables - okra, long beans and onion, to stamp a tortoise ( At that time, he was not good at it and I had to help him do most of the work but this time round, he managed to do most of  the work except the cutting of the mold (from foam sheets) as he was not very good yet at cutting curvy lines. 

First, he drew several patterns using the help of a stencil. Then, he tried to cut the molds. 

Next, he glued the molds on bottle caps. 

He started off with the grass.

JS applying paint on the stamping mold.

This was how he preferred to do his stamping. 

If you noticed, we made five stamps. A cloud, grass, mushroom and two types of flowers. However, JS only used four of the stamps because according to him, the other flower doesn't go well with the picture. He said: Must use this (while holding to the smaller one). This one's good. This one's not good (he pointed to the other flower). 

So, is this a mushroom farm or a tulip field with mushrooms? You decide. 

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