Monday, 28 April 2014

JS' First Melody

It was about two years ago when JS hummed his first melody. It was the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Although he has been exposed to many other children's songs since then, this song remains to be his favourite. 
It has been a while since we did a "word and song" activity so I thought that he might be interested to do his favourite song. We combined some art and craft into the activity.

First me made a moon using a bottle cap and some yellow coloured paper.

JS gluing pieces of yellow paper on a bottle cap to make a moon.

While waiting for the moon to dry, JS painted a portion of the song sheet with black poster colour for the sky at night. 

Next, he we did the lyrics of the song. I wrote the lyrics and cut the words out for him to arrange them on the song sheet accordingly. We did not have any hard copy of the lyrics. He had to watch a video from YouTube and learn the words there. 

JS arranging the words on the song sheet.

JS was not able to do the origami stars so I did it for him instead. 

I also found a picture of a boy and a girl looking at the stars. I thought it would go well with our picture. Well, JS said it was the picture of his sister and him watching stars at night. 

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