Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lets Make A Clown

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, JS loves to watch an art and craft programme called Mister Maker. So there was this time about two weeks ago when he watched the show and Mister Maker happened to make a wiggly clown which he liked very much and wanted to make. 

We could not find a toy egg so this was what we made. It was still a clown, although not a wiggly one. 

Frist, we made the face of the clown with a paper plate. 

Next, JS drew the eyes for the clown. We used white labeling stickers. 

Then, we made a red pom pom using some embroidery thread and a fork. It was the first time JS made a pom pom and he was very excited about it. We also used some red felt to make the clown's mouth.

JS sticking the pom pom on the paper plate for the clown's nose.

As JS was not feeling well on the day we made the clown, we had to stop after making the pom pom. He was simply too tired to focus on his work. 

The following day, he cut out a large triangle and a small star from foam sheets to make the clown's hat.  As for the hair, I decided to use tissue pom pom but we did not have any coloured tissue paper at home. In the end, we used coloured A4 paper. Since the papers were much thicker, they could not be shaped into round pom pom balls but it was good enough for the clown's hair since we were sticking it on an art block.

JS making paper pom pom. 

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