Monday, 21 April 2014

Working With A Friend

Making artwork with a friend is always much more fun. Besides having someone else to play with (before, after and even during the artwork session), they each get to do what they are good at and later, combine their work into a "masterpiece".

JS' friend, AL, is a year younger than him. Her mother, J, showed her pictures of JS using scissors and glue to make his crafts and she got excited with the idea. She came with expectations that she would be making good use of scissors and glue for some interesting stuff. 

The day before AL came, I browsed through images of flower craft because I was planning to let her make some flowers. I asked JS which flower craft he found to be interesting and he pointed to a paint chip collage from a blog called Putti's World ( I thought it was a good idea to make paper collage. AL would be able to make use of both the scissors and the glue. Her cutting skills may not be good enough to cut along specific lines and paper collages do not need her to do that. It would be a perfect artwork for her. 

Of course the children started playing as soon as AL arrived However, when AL's mother gave her a pair of scissors, she immediately went looking for something to cut. She found some green papers which I placed on JS' table and started cutting. 

AL cutting green papers for her collage.

JS, on the other hand, did not want to cut the papers. He wanted to make a snail and it was not any ordinary snail. He wanted to make the snail from the movie Turbo. So we went online to search for a picture of the snail and his task was to make two snails. One for himself and one for his friend. 

JS adding details to the snail.
While JS made the snails, AL got tired of cutting the papers. She spent more than 30 minutes doing so! She went off, wandering around, looking for toys to play with until we told her that it was time for her to use the glue. She dropped whatever she was doing and came over to get to work again. 

AL's first experience with glue. 
Here's what the children did. 

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