Sunday, 6 April 2014

Various Art and Craft Trees

Trees are one of the most frequent subjects in our art and craft activities. We drew trees with markers and colour pencils when JS was younger. Then when JS started to explore painting, we used finger printing to print an autumn tree. When we dyed some strings for artwork, we used the strings to make trees for a picture of a garden. We also used leaves and tree barks to make trees.  On top of that, we made 3D trees for our "A City of My Own" a few weeks back.

So this time round, while making our mini garden, I had to come up with a new way of making a tree. 

I wanted to make it more like a real tree so this is what we made.

Orange Tree

We used a toilet roll tube for the tree trunk. I made some holes in the tube and JS had to poke wooden sticks into the holes for the branches. 

Next, he painted the tree truck with some brown poster colour. 

The tree truck

While waiting for it to dry, we made the leaves.

JS trying hard to cut curvy lines for the leaves.

Then we put little round orange stickers on the leaves for the oranges. It was no easy task for JS as it was quiet hard for him to handle the tiny pieces of stickers. 

JS putting on little round stickers for the oranges.
Then he had to put lots of glue on the leaves before sticking them on the branches.

JS squeezing glue onto the leaves.

JS pressing the leaves to make sure they stick properly on the branches.

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