Thursday, 13 November 2014

DIY Pizza Menu For Play

This is one of the "one-thing-lead-to-another" project where we were supposed to make crowns using paper plates but ended up making pizzas, and not just that, but a menu that we use for maths now. 

The paper plates that we used were too small for JS' head and thus the crown "broke" when JE pulled it off her brother's head and we decided to make pizzas instead using the triangle pieces. 

After drawing the pizzas, JS made the menu. I suggested several names for his restaurant such as Happy Pizza and Yummy Pizza, just to trigger him to come up with one of his own and he decided to name it "Laughing Pizza". 

Next, we named the types of pizzas. Since Aloha Chicken is almost the only pizza we order, JS is most familiar with this flavour. We made up the rest, namely Seaweed Chicken, Tomato Hotdog and Eggy Prawn. 

Then we moved on to price them and JS priced Aloha Chicken at RM3 each, Seaweed Chicken at RM4 each, Tomato Hotdog at RM10 each and Eggy Prawn at RM5 each. 

We proceeded with some pretend play where JS also learnt addition using lego bricks as money and an abacus to help him add up the prices of two pizzas. 

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