Saturday, 29 November 2014

Homeschooling While On Vacation 1 - A Postcard For Me!

Last week, we went back to Daddy's hometown to visit JS' grandfather. Usually, we would just stay at home all day long but on the first night when we were there, it suddenly came to my mind that I should let JS explore a bit more about the town that I too, used to grow up in. It's a small town called Port Dickson. Of course JS has been to the usual places like the shopping malls, the main town business centre and also the night market that takes place only on the first Saturday of each month but I wanted him to explore more. 

There is this children television programme called Postman Pat that he likes and I wanted him to learn more about what a postman does or at least, about sending and receiving letters. I know he may not need to use this facility since we are now using more advanced technologies such as email and Skype but it would be interesting to send and receive letters via the snail mail method. OK. I have to admit that he may not enjoy it as much as I do because I used to write lots of letters during my younger days. I had a few pen pals and one of my hobbies were collecting letter pads. 

So, since the post office in Port Dickson is situated just a minute's walk from his grandpa's house, it was a perfect activity for us to do.

The following morning after breakfast, we walked to a bookstore to purchase a postcard and went straight home to write JS' name and our address on it. 

Then went walked to the post office to post it. 

There, JS took his number from a machine...

and waited patiently for his turn to buy a stamp. Of course, I had to do it for him because the counter was too high for him to be able to make the purchase. 

Next, he stuck the stamp on the postcard and... 

dropped it off in the postbox in front of the building. 

Five days later, the postcard arrived.

I saw the postman dropping something into our mailbox and quickly ran outside to check if it was the postcard. True enough, it was. At that time, JS was onto something and I asked him if he would check the mailbox for me. 

He put his hand in and pulled out something...

went to a corner to check out what it was...

and, look at the smile on his face!

It so happened that Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood (the cartoon that he was watching that morning) was an eposide about Daniel sending a letter to his dad. He was asking me during the show why his postcard has not arrived. 

I am sure he has a better understanding about the work of a postman after this first hand experience. 

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