Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Another Word Activity

Whenever I ran out of idea to keep JS busy with some "more formal" learning, I would take out a "ready-to" kit for him to work on. Sometimes, if an idea popped up when he was in the middle of the activity, we would carry on with some extra activities otherwise, I would just let him do whatever he wished. 

One day, while he was fixing the jigsaw puzzles, I thought that I could introduce the fill in the blanks activity to him. 

To test the waters, I stopped him when he was working on the thirteenth puzzle (there are 20 words altogether). I told him that there was a new activity that I wanted him to try out. I prepared 10 words for him to work on and if he was interested I would let him do the remaining 10. After guiding him with the first two words, he proceeded to complete the rest. He seemed to be enjoying it so we proceeded with all the remaining ones. 

JS identifying the letters for one of the words.

JS looking for the word that matches the one that he is working on.

JS filling in the blanks. 

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