Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fine Motor Skill Activities for Toddlers

We have started JS  with formal schooling in weekday mornings and so now I have more one-on-one time for JE. She has just started walking, about two weeks ago, so she is enjoying her new skill and exploring in many new ways. 

During the day when we have time for ourselves, I would let her play with certain things that helps to improve her motor skills.

Some of the activities requires her to sit down for a while and the rest would require more movements. 

Here are some of the activities she enjoys.

1. Playing with simple jigsaw puzzles. Besides learning how to fix and unfix them (motor skill) she also learns the names of the objects. 

 2. Flipping pages of books and lifting the flaps to see the pictures behind. This also involves motor skills and language. 

3. Playing with Lego is obvious a motor skill activity but it also helps to instill creativity and I here, I let her play with one particular colour so she could learn the name of that colour. 

4. Putting this into and taking them out of an envelope. This also involves motor skills and walking too because if the object drops and rolls off she would go and take it back. I purposely gave her round objects for this activity so it rolls further and some walking is necessary. 

To her all these are just plain P.L.A.Y. but lots of learning involved!

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