Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snail Mail Follow-Up Activity

JS has been sending and receiving some mails since the first postcard he sent to himself last November. Soon after he received his first postcard, his grandparents sent him a Christmas card. He was elated! After that, he started to expect "special deliveries" for him whenever the postman comes. 

In an effort to let him continue sending and receiving mails, I signed him up for an International Homeschool Postcard Swap. It is a group I found on Facebook which was shared by Homeschooling Hub Malaysia not long ago. 

The main reason I wanted him to pursue this activity was because I want him to learn the important of knowing how to read and write. He is starting to learn to write but more than often, he preferred to invent his own language. I saw the need for him to learn about the relationship between written words and verbal communication and I am sure this activity would do him good. 

Back to the postcard swap, as the name suggest, we were supposed to mail postcards to designated children in a particular group. However, we had difficulties finding postcards near our neighbourhood and thus, decided to send them Chinese New Year cards instead. Anyway, it was still something special we could share with the pen pals. 

We printed out their names and addresses and JS chose the cards that he wanted to send to each of them. He could not really write yet so I helped him by holding his hand. We discussed a little on what to tell his pen pals and I helped him with the sentences. 

Then he put the cards in the envelopes and we wrote the names and addresses on. 

A few days later, we went to the post office to send them off.

About two weeks later...

JS' facial expression tells it all. He was so excited about receiving the postcards from Utah and Texas, USA. He kept on talking about them and told his Daddy about his "special deliveries" from USA as soon as he arrived home from work. 

And I hope our recipients would receive our cards soon. 

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