Thursday, 10 July 2014

Learning From Mistakes

Can you guess what we were making based on this picture? The picture in the book and the four orange caps should be obvious clues that we were making a... (I think you should get the idea and yes, it's a) bus!   "The Wheels On The Bus" is a children's song which JS learnt to sing when he was one. Initially, I wanted us to make a song sheet but we ended up with an art and craft project instead. 

As you can see in the below pictures, JS made a cutting mistake right at the beginning of the project. I was supposed to make a whole at the centre of the rectangle for him to start cutting out the rectangle to make the windscreen of the bus but he was too excited to start cutting that he went ahead and made that cut. 

He went on cutting and made another mistake. 

Well, these mistakes are welcomed because this is how he learnt to fix them. I asked him where was the other piece of cardboard and told him to try to fix the problem. I was glad that he was able to tell me that he could join the pieces together with sticky tapes.

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Then we went on to add more "paint" on the bus with blue coloured paper and the headlights using two yellow labeling stickers followed by six passengers, a bus driver, the words "School Bus", the plate numbers, wipers and lastly, the wheels. 

So, this is how our school bus looks like. 

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Bee Kim said...

That's a nice looking bus.