Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Look! I Am Spidy!

Sometimes, I feel bad for not being able to do lots of "boy's stuff" with JS. Frankly, I don't really know what little boys like to do. I do not have any male sibling. My only sibling is my younger sister so playing "boy's games" is not my thing at all. Furthermore, I do not enjoy many things that JS does like playing games (PS Vita, iPhone, XBox, etc...) and I am not fond of superheroes. 

Last Friday, when I was clearing the fridge, I was about to throw away this box when I saw the circles on one of the sides. I thought we could easily make a mask using it since the positions of the circles would fit JS nicely so I kept them for our session on that morning. 

When I asked JS which character he would love to make for his mask, he immediately said, "Spiderman!" so we quickly gathered some materials and after going through several pictures of masks online, we came up with this. 

We used felt stickers to decorate the mask so that it would be more durable. I did not want to make holes at the sides to tie rubber bands for him to wear the mask on his ears because I thought it would tear easily and I thought staples are not a good choice too since his sister might bite them so we made a stick mask.

After cutting out the shape, JS traced it on two pieces of red coloured felt. If you look at the pictures clearly, it was made up of two different reds. 

JS tracing half of the mask on a piece of red felt. 

Next, we cut some black stripes for the details. It was kind of a messy web because I wanted JS to do it on his own. 

JS cutting some black felt for the details.

JS sticking the webs on. 
Then, we cut out some red paper for the back of the mask. 

JS tracing the mask on a red paper. 
To make the "stick" look better, we rolled some purple felt on the straw. 

Here's JS' Spidy Mask. 

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