Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Home

After having worked with various art and craft materials bought from the store like colour pencils, crayons, markers, poster colour, papers, foam sheets, felts and stickers,  I thought that it would be a good idea for JS to try to make something out of the nature. 
Since we have a garden at home, I took him around to gather some tree barks and leaves for one of our artwork recently. 

JS peeling of barks from a tree. 

Then I drew some shapes for him to cut out of a soft bark (not sure whether this part of the tree is called a bark) to make a house. However, he was not able to cut through the soft bark and told me to do it for him. So, I took over the cutting and made him tear the leaves instead. 

We cut the leaves into smaller  stripes for the grass. 

And some bigger pieces of leaves for the trees. 

We also added a clothesline we made from skewers and a string and some clothes hanging on it. The clothes were cut out from leftover fabric pieces courtesy of a good friend. 

I call this piece: "My Home" as JS kept on saying that it is his house. 

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