Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Carbonara Pasta with Bacon

The restaurants at the town centre of Seligenstadt, Germany where my husband had what he called "the best pasta he had ever tasted".

I was not a fan of white sauce pasta until three years back when my husband fell in love with carbonara pasta. He was on a business trip to Seligenstadt, Germany when he happened to have ordered this pasta and according to him, was the best pasta he had ever tasted. When we returned, my task was to find out the right recipe for the pasta so he can enjoy it anytime he wants to. 

All he told me was that egg was one of the ingredients in the sauce. So I went online to search for white sauce for pasta that contain eggs. I have never cooked white sauce pasta before so it was a very new recipe to me. 

To my surprise, it was quiet easy to prepare and the ingredients are also easily available. Till date, I am still not sure whether my carbonara pasta tastes the same as the one my husband had in Germany but he was quiet satisfied with this recipe that I am sharing here on this post. 

Ingredients: Whipping cream, bacon, egg, any cheese of your choice, steamed potato and carrot, finely chopped fresh button mushroom, salt, any pasta of your choice, pepper (optional)

Carbonara Pasta with Bacon
Cook pasta according to the directions on the packaging. While is pasta is cooking, fry some bacon in a pan and set aside. Wipe off all the excess oil in the pan and pour in the whipping cream. Add in the steamed potatoes and carrots and cheese. The pasta should be ready by now. When the cream starts to boil, add in the pasta and mix well. Finally add the eggs and turn off the heat immediately. Mix well and the pasta is ready to be served. 
Note: You can use any vegetables or meat of your choice. 

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