Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mongo Plant Versus Garlic Plant

Two weeks ago, JS was into growing plants and asked if he could grow some flowers. We did not have any flower seeds at home and I suggested that he plant some mongo seeds instead. Yes, for those who are following our blog, we have done this on cotton about a year and a half ago and now, we are doing it in soil and in a proper flower pot. The other reason I told him to grow mongo seeds is that they grow very fast and kids are not very patient at waiting for results. 

So everyday, as we leave the house for school (JS is attending Kindergarten 1 now) JS would look at the plants and say, "Mommy! They are growing!"

A few days after we planted the mongo seeds, I suggested that we plant some garlic. This time, unlike the mongo seeds that showed some growth immediately on the following day, the garlics showed none. 

Two days after we planted the garlics, we went on a short vacation and when we returned, JS saw some changes to the garlic plant and shouted, "Mommy, look! The garlics are growing!"

Now, after half a month, we found some time to do some detailed observations on the plants. We compared the roots and the leaves. The garlic plant showed a lot of roots while the mongo plant has very little and the garlic plant has long leaves while the mongo plant has small leaves. 

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