Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A New Friend

Now, some of you might wonder how JS would learn to socialise if he does not attend school. Well, I would say that perhaps he may not (yet) have the chance to make friends and play with children his age on a regular basis as other kids who attend school, but I would arrange play dates for him with the my friends' children whenever possible and he also enjoys entertaining adult guests who visit Mommy and Daddy. Before his sister, JE, came along, we had a "Socialising Day" once a week where he either goes on a play date or we would visit one of my friends. 

Last two weeks, a friend of mine, E, came on a short visit. In fact, a few friends came visiting on that week but JS had the best experience with E. Perhaps because E is a male while the rest of the friends are female or maybe their age gap was smaller compared to the rest of the visitors. It was his third time to my house. The first time when he was here, JS was only one and he still could not walk. The second time, we went shopping together with another friend. JS did not remember him but on that day, they had a lovely time together.

Since E took a bus here, all the way from Kluang (which is some 100km from our house) we went to pick him up from the nearest bus stop. As soon as he opened the car door, JS greeted him in a sweet voice and then started talking to him.

After lunch, JS showed him how he played a Lego game on his PS Vita and then they read a story book together. 

Then we decided to go out for a drink. Both of them shared a bowl of shaved ice with soursop. 

On our way home, I dropped them off a grocery shop to do some marketing for me since I was kind of lazy to get off the car with a baby in my arms. It was the first time JS get to do marketing with someone other than Daddy or me and he enjoyed the experience. 

When we returned home, they played for a while before E went off to his next appointment. 

JS had such a wonderful time with him that he kept on asking when E would come again. 

I am glad that JS could be a hospitable host and I hope he would continue to pick up more socialising skills as he grows older. 

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