Sunday, 18 May 2014

Playing With My Favourite Things - Eggs and Ice!

JS is an egg lover. Not that he likes to eat them but he is more into the object itself. Thus he is attracted to anything that is shaped like an egg, including toy eggs and Kinder Surprise Eggs, which is an addiction that I am finding it a challenge to make him quit! No, we do not buy it for him but he is addicted to watching the videos on YouTube. 
Due to his interest in eggs, he has been more than eager to help me crack them for cooking. He had also tried scrambling them for omelettes and whisking them for pancakes. He also loves to peel the hard boiled ones. 

So far, all the activities he did with eggs were for cooking (except for toy eggs, of course) and I thought he would definitely love the idea of making some ice pops with them, not for eating but for art. On top of that, ice is another of his favourite thing to play with. I was sure that the combination of these two items would make this activity more appealing to him, which was undoubtedly true. He actually cried when they melted. 

We started off by filling in water into some empty eggshells. He found a tiny funnel the day before and asked what it was for so I decided to let him use it in this activity. 

JS pouring water into the eggshells using the help of a funnel.

Next, he put a popsicle stick into each of the egg, popped them into the freezer and left them there for a few hours. 

After his nap, he was all ready to check out the eggs. 

He tried to peel the shell but it would not come off. We wiped the eggs with a wet towel and viola it could easily be removed! 

As he peeled the eggs, I quickly put some clay into the egg tray for him to stick the ice pops on. 

Just for some extra fun, we added more colours to the ice pops by putting on some coloured salt we made the day before. 

I said they looked like ice flowers, but JS said they were trees. Ok, so they were trees in the river... because when the ice melted the water filled up the holes in the egg tray and made it looked like a river. 

When the ice pops began to disappear... JS started to cry! "My ice pops! I want my ice pops!" he said. I had to calm him down and tell him that we would make them again. 

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