Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weaning Food - Potato, Carrot and Leek Puree

JE started her semi solid food intake when she was eight months old. She started late because she was born eight weeks early. I tried to feed her some semi solid such as mashed potato and avocado when she about about seven months but she tends to start vomiting a few hours later. I would stop for a few days and try again but the same thing happened until she was eight months old. 

Instead of feeding her the usual mashed avocado or banana that her brother loved when he was weaning, I tried steamed vegetables with JE and she seems to love them. 

I decided that making steamed vegetables (sometimes with meat) would help to make cooking easier for me as I can serve the same dish for our lunch or dinner. On top of that, they are healthier too.

Here is one of JE's favourite recipes. 

The ingredients are: 
salt (optional)
cheese (optional)

Steam all the ingredients except cheese. When they are ready, puree and add any cheese of your choice. 

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