Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Basic Counting

I have delayed the writing of this post for quiet a long time. Perhaps I see other posts as more interesting  but I definitely would want to keep this in record too, for future reference. 

So, here are some basic counting activities I did with JS. He learnt to count form one to ten since he was two years old but he did not understand their meanings so yes, these basic counting activities are essential, indeed. 

The materials needed are sets of numbers (plastic or wooden or you can write them on pieces of cards)
Anything you have at home that comes in large numbers. 

Using the numbers as a guide, JS will have to put the correct number of items to each of them. 

1. We used Lego bricks. 

2. We used straws.

3. It was Valentine's Day and we made some hearts using play dough. Then I incorporated counting in this activity by asking JS to put the correct number of sticks on each heart with a number attached to it.

4. This counting activity involves a lot of movements as he has to run around the house to collect the items needed. It is also a good training to help him focus on the thing that he is working on since he might wander around if he sees something else that catches his attention while looking for the item needed for the activity. 

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