Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My First Pet Friend

Two weekends ago, we went to visit JS and JE's aunt, R, who lives in Subang Jaya. She has a pet dog called Bibie. This is the first time JE had come so close to an animal. It seemed like she was quiet interested in the creature that she kept on crawling towards it. 

Here are some pictures of their interactions that I managed to capture during our stay there. I could not capture any  pictures of JS with the dog that are good enough to be posted here, so only pictures of my girl with this eight-year-old silky terrier.

"Hi! I am JE and you are... Bibie, isn't it? Glad to meet you."

Bibie licking up the crumbs from JE's snack. 

Shall we go play somewhere else? Should give Mommy so time to rest...

Lets see who crosses the line first. 

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