Monday, 15 September 2014

What's In A Garden?

Ok. I have to admit that we are moving at a snail's pace when it comes to learning Mandarin. We don't do it once a week like what I initially planned. I feel exhausted lately mainly because my daughter, JE, refuse to sleep much during the day. On top of that, I am hooked on a Korean drama, which means, staying up till midnight or even past midnight everyday just to watch it. Well, I am trying to work out a new daily rhythm for me to be able to resume our activities as normal, plus a few short sessions with JE throughout the day.

She would rather "participate" in her brother's sessions than taking her nap so it has been sometime since we had a hassle and mess free session. I take it as a form of training for JS to focus on his work even when there are lots of temptations and interruptions. It is also a challenge for me to come up with activities that could retain JS' interest despite the interruptions. 

Back to the latest Mandarin session we had two weeks ago, we were doing a theme on garden and fortunately, I was able to find a few items from the Mandarin books we have. 

We did Mandarin and shape matching at the same time because JS had to match the pictures to the shapes I drew on the art  block that we used as his worksheet. 

First, he would draw a picture from an envelope. 

Then, he finds the shape that matches the shape of the picture and he sticks it on. 

Lastly, we read a rhyme about clouds. I chose this rhyme because it was short and sounds more interesting than the other rhymes related to garden and the items we learnt that I have on hand. 

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