Monday, 15 September 2014

Welcome To My Garden!

This is another pretend play scene that we made recently after the toy house. It is a garden in a box. 

To make our work easier, we cut along the both sides of one of the four sides of the box so the we could open it up like a lid.  

Then we stuck on three layers of brown foam sheets for the soil at the side which is opposite to the lid. Next we stuck on a piece of green patterned foam sheet for the lawn. 

After that, JS cut out some grass from green papers which we used to outline the path and the pond. 

For the flower pots, we cut out the bottom part of two cereal boxes and put some labeling stickers on them as the paint because the surface of the boxes are glossy and a bit tricky to apply paint on them. 

For flowers and trees, we used cut out pictures that we could find from some books I bought as teaching materials. 

JS stuck a piece of blue paper on the inside of the lid for the sky and added some cotton for the clouds. 

We also used another piece of blue paper for the background where we pasted pictures of a sun, a tree and a girl watering some flowers. 

Lastly, we made a pond with some crumpled blue paper and added two fishes and a tortoise in it. 

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