Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Apple Tree

While children from some parts of the world such those in the US and UK are having fun with lots of activities related to apples which is being harvested in autumn, here, in Malaysia, my son and I are using the life cycle of an apple tree to study about the four seasons. I have always wanted to do a four seasons picture with JS but on the other hand, I don't think he is able (yet) to relate the meaning of the seasons since we live in a tropical country. 

Fortunately, we have this book about the life cycle of an apple tree that covers all four seasons. It is one of JS' favourite books to read at the moment. With the names of all four seasons mentioned clearly in the book, alongside pictures that shows obvious changes in the tree, it serves as a perfect material for a four seasons picture.

First, we identified the words - winter, spring, summer and autumn in the book and studied the pictures that showed obvious changes in the tree. 

Then we divide a large piece of art block into four sections and started off with winter. 

 Next, we moved on to spring where flowers started to blossom, followed by summer where the flowers fall off and apples started to grow. 

And finally in autumn the apples are ready to be picked and be enjoyed in various ways such as the delicious apple pie. 

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