Sunday, 21 September 2014

JE's First Foot Printing Experience

JE turned one recently and we had a simple celebration at home on the day before her birthday. The following day, JS and I made something for her. Well, she was also involved in the artwork. I wanted it to be a more meaningful first birthday keepsake so we included her footprints in the work. 

First, JS cut out pictures from the gift wrapper Daddy used to wrap JE's present. It took him a good 40 minutes to cut out enough pictures to make a name collage for his sister. 

Next, JS put a box of poster colour on the floor for JE to choose two colours for her footprints. She chose pink and green. To prevent her clothes from getting smeared by paint, I put her in one of JS' t-shirt which was already smeared with paint.

Then I applied paint on her foot and she had her first foot printing experience.  

After the printing, JS proceeded with the name collage.

Originally, I wanted to make a footprint keepsake for JE on clay dough but due to time constraint, we made this instead. 


Pui Ling said...

Lovely! Happy belated birthday to little princess JE.

Gadys Tay said...

Thanks, Aunty Pui Ling. When are you coming to visit?