Sunday, 8 June 2014

Salt Drawing

Sometimes, when JS is not interested in drawing using colour pencils and papers, I would get him to draw on his magnetic board. So there was this day when I did not have any specific plan in mind but we had some spare time for a little fun. I have read about writing and drawing using salt so I thought JS might like the idea too. True enough, he loved it! 

Since we just dyed some salt a few days ago, we mixed all of them together for this activity. 

Here are some of the things he drew. 

I don't quiet get it but he kept on saying that this is a Jelly Bean. 

This is obviously an 'I'....

and this, a square, but JS says it is a house. 

I think this looks like a smily face or a smiling lion, but again, JS says it is a Jelly Bean.

And he says this is a seahorse while I really figure out what it is. Perhaps a dragon?

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