Monday, 10 March 2014

Learning Through Songs

JS was exposed to a lot of children songs and nursery rhymes since he was a month old. That was when he came home from the hospital after he was discharged from NICU, as he was a preterm baby. When he was one, I started showing him a lot of children song videos from YouTube. He got hooked on "Barney and Friends" and "Hi5" for quiet a long time before I discovered some other very interesting children song videos by "Super Simple Songs", "Muffin Songs" and "The GiggleBellies" just to name a few. 

I could still remember the first tune that he hummed. It happened on the day after his second birthday. On that morning, as he came downstairs for his breakfast, he hummed the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and I thought: My son could hum a tune! How wonderful!

Since then, singing has been a very important part of his daily activities. He sings whenever he is happy, to his favourite tune of the day and most of the time, he would make up his own lyrics.

In this post, I would like to share with you one of the sessions where we used a song to learn counting, spelling of numbers and sign language (but I don't think it was a proper international sign language for numbers). 

I used the song: Ten Little Fingers

Firstly, he has to count the number of fingers shown in the picture.

Then he did the sign language for that particular number as shown in the picture. It was not in my teaching plan for him to learn the sign language though, he did it on his own for every number that he came across. 

Next, he would look for the spelling of the number.

I gave him sheets of labeling stickers with alphabets written on them. He has to look for the correct alphabets to form the words. 

And lastly, we sang the song! 

It was a brief yet enjoyable session. 

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