Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Simple Yet Fun

JS was not feeling well last week and our second big project has to come to a halt. I had to come up with some simple activities for him to work on instead. 

Here is one of those that managed to catch his interest. 

I call it: Fun with rubber bands and containers. 

First, I made him sort the rubber bands into groups of ten because we had ten containers. We had five different colours of rubber bands so five in each group. 

Then he had to put the rubber bands around their respective containers. 

When he had decorated all 10 containers, he can play with them!

We arranged them into a triangle.

"Shh! Don't tell anyone. Mommy did this, not me."
"This is my triangle."
Here's another way of arranging a triangle. 

"Let's hit this with a ball!"
"I can arrange a square!"
"Look at this! It's a condominium!"
Sometimes we only need something simple to brighten up a child's day.  

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