Saturday, 8 March 2014

Creamy Prawn

This is a creamy prawn recipe that I tried a few days ago. I was tired of cooking steamed prawn with egg, and I did not have sambal (chilli paste) to make spicy prawn or lemon to make lemon thyme prawn so I decided to try butter prawn instead as I seldom use butter in my cooking. 

Here's how I prepared the dish.

Step 1

First, I treated the prawns to make them crunchy. I removed the shells of the prawns and deveined them. Then I marinated them with baking powder (I should have used baking soda as stated in the recipe I was referring to but I did not have any on hand) for about 30 minutes. Then I rinsed off the baking powder with cold water before marinating the prawns with egg white and tapioca starch. This is a treatment I learnt from Bee Yinn Low of Rasa Malaysia. It is suppose to make the prawns crunchy like how they were prepared in the Chinese restaurants. I did not really follow all her instructions due to time constraint but the prawns was really crunchier then any other prawn dishes I have prepared. 

Step 2

Stir fry prawns with some butter until about 80% cooked. The thyme shown here was added at the very end of the cooking. By the way, it is my favourite herb. 

These are the prawns that have been deveined, treated and stir fried quickly with some butter.

Step 3

Next, I added more butter into the wok and stir fry some garlic until fragrant before adding pre steamed potatoes and carrots. Then I added leeks and milk. Let simmer for a few minutes until the leeks are cooked. 

Step 4

When the leeks are cooked, add in the prawns followed by an egg yolk and some thyme. Stir fry quickly for a few seconds and turn off the heat immediately. 

Creamy Prawns
Note: I did not add extra salt during the cooking process as I used salted butter. I only sprinkled some salt on the potatoes and carrots before steaming. 

You can also substitute prawns with fish or chicken fillet for this dish. 

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