Thursday, 6 March 2014

A City of My Own (Part 2)


On the third day, we added traffic lights, a fountain for the garden and some flowers to the bushes. 

The interesting part of this big project is that we get to work with various  materials which helps to develop creativity and resourcefulness in JS. 

Besides old carton boxes that we used for the buildings, we also used straws for traffic lights, pieces of left over papers from previous artworks for bushes and tree, fabric pieces (courtesy of a good friend) and a double sided type roll for the fountain. 

JS sticking on the lights that we cut out from patterned foam sheets.

JS crumpling some left over paper for the fountain.


I intended to end the project on Day 3 but the very next day, we spotted some 3D handwork template books at a toy store during our outing. They were available in different categories such as underwater world, fun fair, cars, animals, and best of all, buildings!

So we went back to work on this project again on Monday, adding a fast food restaurant, a grocery store and an European residential.

JS tearing a templete for the European Residential.
JS assembling the building.
The city certainly looks more vibrant with the 3D buildings from the handwork books.
On top of that, we can now turn the city into a fun fair or a theme park with the templates we bought from the store! 

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