Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A City of My Own (Part 1)

JS has shown tremendous improvement in various motor skills since we had regular art and craft sessions early this year and I decided that it was time to work on a bigger project. He loves to play with cars and he loves to paint. So I thought he would be delighted to design his own city where he could play with his toys. It took us four days to complete the project. 


On the first day, we painted four buildings. It was quiet a challenge for JS and it took him about 90 minutes to get them done. That was all we did during the morning session.

When the paint dried up completely in the afternoon, we stuck on coloured papers and foam sheets for the roofs. We also managed to cut some windows and doors for the buildings. 

JS piling up his buildings as if they were Lego bricks!


On the second day, we build some roads and a garden with trees and bushes. 
JS adding centre lines for the roads. We used white labeling stickers for this. 

"Mommy, I can use the trees as drum sticks!"
JS adding bushes to his garden.

We also added more details to the buildings. 

By the end of Day 2, we have more windows and even curtains for the buildings. We also have a garden in the city. 

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