Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I Can Do It On My Own!

If you have a busy schedule and need to keep your toddler busy with something he or she can work on his or her own,  here are two easy-to-do activities that are simple yet appealing to young children. They can be used to help instill patience in them. If the child is not very patient, you can choose a less complicated picture and if he or she shows interest in the activity, you can give him or her a more complicated one to work with in the future. Besides, the materials are easily available at any stationery store. 

Sticker Picture

For this activity, we used labeling stickers to form a picture. Since JS' level of patience depends greatly on his mood, I chose a simple one for him, which is a sun. 

As the below picture shows, he has to draw the sun with a colour pencil first. Then to complete the picture, he added stickers along the lines. 

JS drawing lines for the sun ray.

JS adding stickers along the line. 

This is how the sun looks like when the picture is completed. 

Pinhole Picture

As for this activity, you will need a foam sheet, a wooden stick with a pointy end, and any picture of your choice. 

Put the picture on top of the foam sheet and use some masking tape to hold the picture in place. Then you can start to poke holes along the lines of the picture using the wooden stick. You have to poke hard enough for the holes to appear on the foam sheet. 

This is how the picture looks like when it is done. 

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