Saturday, 25 October 2014

More Cravings For Ice

JS is still very much obsessed with ice and a couple of weeks ago, I bought a popsicle mold with the plan of making some fruit popsicles for him. However, before I managed to find some time to make it for him, he already made some for himself. Not for eating, but for play. 

Well, here's what happened. There was this evening when he got hold of the mold which I had taken out earlier that day for JE to play with. He asked me if I could make some ice pops for him but I told him that it was too late and since Daddy and I were engaged in a conversation, he went away and started making it on his own, using drinking water. Soon after, he came to me to ask for more water because he did not have enough to fill up the mold. Since he could not eat the popsicle anyway (the mold has not been washed), I told him to use tap water instead. He happily filled up the mold and popped it into the freezer. 

When he woke up the following day, he immediately went to check whether it was ready and of course, it was. So he and his sister had an early morning ice play, even before breakfast.

Upon seeing how he craved for a popsicle that could actually be eaten, we made some soon after breakfast. 

First, I made him try squeezing some grapefruit juice but it was too  difficult for him so we decided to use the blender. 

He had to peel off the skin and pop the fruit into the blender. Next, we cut some kiwi and put them into the mold. 

Then JS poured the juice into the mold and placed the sticks in place before popping it into the freezer. 

Shortly after lunch, he was able to enjoy some self-made fruity popsicle. The only thing he does not know is that Mommy purposely made him add the kiwis because that would most probably be the only form that he would eat! (Mission accomplished!)

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