Tuesday, 14 October 2014

From Cobwebs To Towers

This is another activity we did using rubber bands, a long break after our first rubber band activity a few months ago which I shared in a previous post http://sotayoutlet.blogspot.com/2014/03/simple-yet-fun.html

This time, it was also an unplanned activity and we just went with the flow and ended up having lots of fun. 

I was searching online for things to do with rubber bands when a spider cobweb project caught my attention. So there was this day when JS was feeling bored and was not in the mood of doing some worksheets when his sister was sleeping. This cobweb activity came to mind so I gave him a bottle full of rubber bands, a box and a paper to work on. I hoped that it could be a quiet time activity that could keep him busy until his sister wakes up. 

Fortunately, he was very interested and indulged in the work for quiet a long time. I told him that he would be weaving spider webs for Spiderman but when he showed me what he did, he said: Look, Mommy. It's a condo! 
Indeed, it looked like a tower and so I told him to make more towers using bottles and boxes of different shapes and sizes.  

JS had fun trying to put on the rubber bands from different sides of the boxes and bottles. I also made him bind two bottles together, just to make things more interesting. 

After about 40 minutes, JS was ready to play with the new toys. Since Transformers is one of his all time favourite, his pretend play was all about them invading his mini city. 

Hmmm.... Isn't this supposed to be a city full of cobwebs for Spidy? Where is he? Well, we don't have a Spiderman toy so obviously he can't be here but... lets just pretend that he was here. 

Anyway, I should just let JS carry on with his play. After all, it was an activity meant for him to play, have fun, learn and master some fine motor skills. 

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