Thursday, 9 October 2014

Keeping Toddlers Busy While Mommy Cooks

JS has started to refuse to take a nap recently and it is becoming more challenging to keep him occupied, especially when his sister is taking her nap. He is so full of energy that it is quiet difficult to let him do some work on his own because he has the tendency to talk to himself and he could be very loud even after being reminded repeatedly, to keep his voice low. I have to keep him close to me, even when I am preparing our meals. 

Here is one of the things that I made him do to keep him busy while I do some cooking "in peace". 

He loves play dough and pizza is one of his favourite food so I told him to make one using whatever ingredients he could find in the kitchen. 

Of course the pizza could not be eaten but he had lots of fun and I could prepare a meal with minimum interruption. 

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